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Daily Inspiration – West Elm Grand Opening + HGTV stars!

Last week I attended an awesome West Elm’s grand opening in Beverly Hills. I got a chance to mingle with some of my fellow bloggers and some of my favorite HGTV stars. It was incredible. Between the photo-booth, the amazing store, the champagne and the h’orderves I didn’t know where to start. The store was decorated beautifully.

Trees were everywhere and made me smile.

My favorite wall.

Great Store.

The DJ!

The atmosphere was super fun and with the live DJ mixing the tunes I shopped and mingled sipping on champagne wishing every shopping experience was like this. I got to meet one of my favorite host’s, designer and blogger Emily Henderson! She was so sweet, funny and genuine! I wish we could go out for coffee. She was one of those people you know you can just hang out with anywhere and know you will have a blast. She shared with me that a new season of her show Secrets of a Stylist will be airing next year. I was thrilled between meeting her and hearing the news. We also talked about my favorite blogger Sherry @Young House Love, and our past Pinterest Challenges (thanks to Katie @Bower Power creativity, who is also one of my favorites) It was so fun to talk about all that stuff with Emily. I think I pinched myself as I walked away. Too cool for me. Her husband was super nice too. They make a beautiful couple.

Love her!

I walked around and wished I could take lots of things home, exactly how they have it in the store. My favorite section was upstairs where they have lovely kitchen sets. The tables, the lamps, the chandeliers they were all amazing! They also had lots of owls everywhere that were taking my heart away in every color! haha.

Love this table and decorations.

Owls in yellow, yes please!

There were trees everywhere. This particular couch stole my heart, specially since it had that cute lion stuffed animal on it that reminds me of our puppy. All in all I had a great night. I even did a little Christmas shopping during a night that I would never forget.

Love it!

Loved the store.

As I was waiting in line to buy my gifts, I took my first paparazzi like photo as I ran into Amy Smart leaving. Didn’t want to interrupt her but couldn’t resist taking her picture. She looked lovely in person. Then as I waited for my car, I had the most funny and random meeting with the cool hosts from HGTV’s Design on a Dime, Casey Noble and Joel West. They were super funny and made the end of the night even more special to me.

Amy Smart!

Casey and Joel from "Design On a Dime".

I would recommend going to West Elm if you still need to do any Christmas shopping or if you don’t need to, still go! You will love it!

Do you enjoy shopping in West Elm too? What’s on your wish list? Do you like HGTV like me? Who’s your favorite host or show?

Hope you get inspired!

posted by Inspiration Nook in Daily Inspiration and have Comments (7)

7 Responses to “Daily Inspiration – West Elm Grand Opening + HGTV stars!”

  1. Katie says:

    Whoa! That’s awesome….seriously high roller kinda company! I guess this means you are officially Amy Smarts BFF now :). At least that’s what I would tell people if I were you :)
    xo kb

    • Inspiration Nook says:

      Hahaha you’re too funny! I wish I could go out for coffee with Emily tough :) Thanks for your comment Katie!

  2. eeepa uncle says:

    Excellent nook that place! I really enjoyed seeing your photos; it was like a beautiful dream indeed.

  3. OMG, you are soooooo sweet. Thank you so much for posting this and i stole that picture of me and Brian, its pretty damn cute. Thanks sooo much and it was so great meeting you. xxoxoxo

    • Inspiration Nook says:

      Thanks Emily! It was more than awesome meeting you. Loved that you liked my picture. Happy Holidays and thanks for your comment.

  4. Courtney Ryan says:

    OMG! You met Emily?! James’ favorite show is Design Star (don’t tell anybody ;-) ) and we were rooting for Emily the entire show! So freaking exciting!

    • Inspiration Nook says:

      Haha his secret is safe…on the blog! Haha Emily was super sweet and funny! Wish we could go out for coffee and hang out, she is awesome!

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