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Daily Inspiration – Cassettes!

Who can remember making their own mix tapes? Or trying to record a song from the radio on your cassette so you could enjoy it later on your walk-man? Who can even remember their walk-man? I do! I do! I grew up with my parents old stereo in my room and loved every minute of it. There is nothing like being a kid, listening to your favorite songs while jumping on your bed holding whatever you could find as your mic! I mean, who didn’t do that? Or at least, who can admit to doing that? I do! I do! There is no shame on that haha Anyways, cassettes to me are nostalgic. Even tough nowadays they could be useless on any car or radio I still find them awesome. I guess I feel a bit old when I can remember something some people haven’t even used for the first time. Oh memories…

Cool print

Love this Etsy print!

Awesome iphone case!

How creative?

Doesn't this makes you feel a bit nostalgic?

Did you get a chance to even have cassettes? Did you make mix tapes too? Did you jump on your bed too? haha

Hope you smile!


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2 Responses to “Daily Inspiration – Cassettes!”

  1. deb says:

    Heck, I still remember black and white TV and radio and 8 track video…..hahaha But YOU inspire me every day! Keep those nooks coming!

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