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Inspiration Nook Cravings – Cronuts!

Ladies and gents I’m back. Not sure If you’ve missed me. I sure did. It’s been a little crazy lately over here. From birthday celebrations, to getaways and a business trip to NY. Plus the NFL is back. Wow, just wow. Time is flying by. Hope you guys are enjoying the end of the summer. I sure cannot believe the Halloween decorations I’m seeing and the Xmas talk I’m hearing. Anywho, I did the most important thing to do this year. I had a Cronut. HA No, I did not stand in line at 4am in New York. I simply went to my favorite doughnut shop down the street. I went in and out. After my first bite, I totally get the craze. These things are tasty. If you haven’t yet, go find one. If you do, come back and tell me. Would love to know what you think. Have you had a Cronut yet?




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One Response to “Inspiration Nook Cravings – Cronuts!”

  1. Steph says:

    I finally had to google cronuts after seeing them mentioned everywhere! Lol. I am not much of a pastry person, but I can see why they are popular. :)

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