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photo disclaimer


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Inspiration Nook. We are currently doing a FREE monthly swap! Yes, you read that right, FREE! Being part of this crazy world of blogging, I feel it’s appropriate to stick together and support those around me that share the same passion as me. Besides, it will be fun to get to know more fellow bloggers along the way.

You can contact me for more information at inspirationnook[at]gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by. This is gonna be fun!


Disclosure Statement:
Sponsorship prices are subject to change as the readership grows. I also have the right to turn down any sponsorship request if I feel the blog/store does not fit with my personal beliefs or ethics.

If you are interested in doing a giveaway on my blog, let’s talk about it! Email me directly to inspirationnook[at]gmail.com

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