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Daily Inspiration – DIY Necklaces!

So its been a long time since I created something out of scratch, that’s not just a photo… but after reading this post about DIY necklaces and then this post on DIY rosettes, I was super inspired to create my own. So I stopped by Joann’s to get the materials I needed and then looked for the ones around the house that I knew I had.


One thing led to the other and I created these…

DIY Necklaces!

I ended up following instructions on how to make the rosettes , then finishing up the necklace following the instructions from the other post. I was so excited on how they came out that I went back to Joann’s for more chains and fabric to make others with different colors. (I had DIY necklace fever)

I can't wait to make more!

It was super fun to make them and I think they could be a nice gift for a special friend or even my mom, she would love them! (spoiler alert if you’re reading this mom!)

I love how they look!

Have you done any necklaces like these? What color do you think would be cute?

Hope you get inspired!

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