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photo disclaimer

Daily Inspiration – Grandpa’s Camera

A couple of weeks ago one of my cousins had a very nice surprise for me. An old camera that belonged to my late grandpa. It was unexpected. You can imagine my face and smile when I saw it. Being the geek that I am, I had to take pictures of it to share. Me and the mister started a little collection a couple of years ago. This camera is my favorite by far.  I have a bunch of old family photos that were taken with this same camera. My favorite discovery was the little “cheat sheet” on the back of it. Don’t you love family treasures? P. S I will be sharing more soon.

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Daily Inspiration – Grandpa’s Library!

I had the opportunity to visit where I once lived as a little girl. Being surrounded by true family and friends was incredible. Being back in my grandpa’s home library was extremely inspiring. Every time I’m back I like to spend some time there. There is so many things to admire and take in. I will share some more pictures soon. For now, take a little tour with me…

Grandpa you are my inspiration. Always and forever.

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Daily Inspiration – Pine trees.

As I was taking a walk with our puppy the other day & I suddenly found myself staring at some pine trees. Am I crazy? Maybe a little. Let me explain… Growing up there were a ton of pine trees at this little park I used to play at, and these trees reminded me of that. The trunks are huge, wide, simply gorgeous. Of course, I was drawn to take their pictures. Then, I remembered a poem my grandpa wrote in Matarile, one of his children’s poetry books. Then this was born…

Photo by Me for Inspiration Nook


Yes, my grandpa wrote it & I love it! The poem, titled “Pine Tree” translates to something like this:

The sky creates green nuts,

that the little squirrel unties

with the help of her little teeth.

Pine tree:

A long and wide road

halfway to the sky.

- Efrain Subero

I like to get inspired at random places, as seen here and here.

Do you like Pine trees too? Do you find yourself inspired or traveling with your mind to random places too?

Hope you get inspired!

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Daily Inspiration – Grandpa’s Typewriter

Almost a year ago I wrote about how much I like typewriters (here). I’ve mentioned how special they are to me (since growing up my grandpa had a ton). I always played with them and watched him work, always admiring their sound. I wish my computer had a typewriter sound effect sometimes, HAHA. Anyways, long story short, my family read my post, and made it possible for me to have one of my grandpa’s typewriters! Yes, that’s right, one of his own is now in our apartment. I still pinch myself sometimes. We recently re-did our office (pictures coming soon) and all I cared about was making the perfect spot for it. Take a look, she’s beautiful. Yes, it’s a she and I haven’t decided on a name yet.


All pictures taken by me for Inspiration Nook


Isn’t she pretty? Do you like typewriters too?

Hope you get inspired!

Disclaimer: Gracias familia bella! I promise I’ll always take good care of her.

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Daily Inspiration – Typewriters

Typewriters for me will always have a special meaning. Growing up, every time I would go visit my grandparents down the street, one of my favorite things to do was to go in my grandpa’s home library and play on his typewriter; or simply walk through the library listening to him type away… on one of his many typewriters.

My grandpa's home library :)

One of my grandpa's typewriters!

The sound of a typewriter for me means freedom and creativity, it has always inspired me. I guess it brings me back to admiring him while at work.

So pretty...

My grandpa was and always will be a true inspiration for me. He was a poet, historian, professor and a writer, he was simply the best grandpa. I really wish I could have one of his typewriters in our apartment. Maybe one day I’ll convince my grandma or my dad to let me have one… I would treat it like a treasure.

Picture by Le Portillon

Here are some pictures that made me smile, hope they make you smile too.

Awesome print

If I ever get one, I'll take a picture like this!

Cute idea!

This was one of my grandpa's many special writing nooks.

Do you admire typewriters too? Aren’t they a little magical? Have you ever used one?

Hope you get inspired!

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