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Daily Inspiration – Salt Dough Gift Tags DIY

This year I’ve been having too much fun creating handmade gifts. Making salt dough gift tags was the perfect final touch.  I used different cookie cutters and even attempted to paint some. At the end I loved how the plain white ones looked with my wrapping paper (which I created with different rubber stamps). I guess I’ve taken the “handmade theme” to heart. Maybe I have a problem. HAH this is a great weekend project that takes no time, but it does take time to dry. Some people like to bake them (for three hours) I simply let them dry for a couple of days, to the point I forgot I had made them, HAHA. If you are up to the challenge, check out the easy instructions from “More Like Home”.  I promise you will have all you need at home so take a look and get crafty.

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