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Daily Inspiration – Wine Cork Placeholders DIY

Last year I made these placeholders for our Thanksgiving table. For this year I knew I wanted to create some new ones. I’ve been keeping all the corks from our wine bottles (for some strange reason) so I decided they would be my base. It took me about 10 minutes to make them (including all names stamped on cut outs of scrap-booking paper). I’m hoping our guests will feel special and know exactly which seat has been reserved for them :) If you want to make them, this is what you do: grab as many corks as you’ll need, depending on how many people will be sitting at the table. Using an Xacto knife (please be careful) pull the blade across the cork with firm pressure. Repeat until you’ve made your slice completely across the top of the cork. Then simply slide the place cards into your cork holders. How easy was that? Don’t you love little details on a table like this? Happy Thanksgiving!!!





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Inspiration Nook Cravings – Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict

Friday morning I had one mission, find recipes for our leftovers. Enter Pinterest. The minute I saw this pin, which combined my favorites, eggs benedict + thanksgiving leftovers… I knew I had a winner! Luckily for us, all the ingredients were in the fridge. Cue me shouting out loud “score”. It was incredible, the mister loved it too. We immediately agreed that this would be a new tradition after Thanksgiving. Follow this recipe from closet cooking and enjoy the best creation ever. I’m dead serious. (Wish we had more leftovers now).


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Daily Inspiration – Placeholders DIY

Is Thanksgiving over? Not over here, even though the Christmas tree is up and all decorations are set, we are still enjoying some leftovers. I’ll share a nice leftover recipe tomorrow that immediately became a new tradition.

For now, take a look at the easiest placeholders you can make. I had these little pumpkins for decoration, I decided they were gonna be my base for placeholders (for Christmas maybe I’ll use some pine-cones). To make your placeholder you will need floral wire ( I used some leftovers from these billy buttons), little pieces of paper (depending on how many guests you are having), tape and either stamps or a pen.

Here’s how to: stamp a name of your guest on each piece of paper (you can simply write them down if you don’t have stamps), then cut down the wire to the length you want, twist the wire to the pumpkin stem, tape your piece of paper to it and you’re done. How simple is that? The end result looks adorable and your guests will appreciate the little details on your table. Enjoy!

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Daily Inspiration – Happy Thanksgiving!

Many things to be thankful for. The turkey we will be eating, the company we will be having and you, my lovely readers. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Inspiration Nook Style – Thanksgiving Outfit!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I don’t!!! Where did November go? Excited to celebrate it and cook a big yummy meal. Like I said last year, just because you might be cooking all day, or running around doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look cute for dinner. Here are some of my must have’s for next week. Oh boy, I can taste the turkey already! What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

1. Retro Floral Print Dress w/Belt $19.80 | 2. 15 Denier Sheer Dotted Tights $6.80 | 3. Buckled Pocket Tote $36.80| 4. Oxford Platforms $34.80 | 5. Perched Owl Necklace $6.80 |

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Daily Inspiration – Thanksgiving Must Have’s

Thanksgiving is around the corner. No matter what your plans are, you should be able to look your best at dinner. I personally use any excuse to dress up and make a holiday a bit more special. The first step for this is to find something you will feel comfortable in. In my case after cooking all day, it feels good to change into something nice and dig in! I’m looking forward to this years dinner already. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and yes, because of the food. Am I crazy? These might help you get in the spirit.

My Thanksgiving wish list.

1. Patch Pocket Sweater $17.80

2. Lace Bodice Dress $24.80

3. Surplice Neckline Dress $24.80

4. Chunky Loose Knit Scarf $9.50

5. Zippered Floral Dress $17.80

6. Swirling Bead Ring $3.80

7. Strappy Leatherette Ankle Boots $32.80

Do you love Thanksgiving too? What’s your favorite holiday?

Hope you get inspired!

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