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Daily Inspiration – Fall Wish List 2014

Fall is in full swing over here in the Midwest. I figured, why not share a wish list? This way I keep their tradition alive, plus it gave me an excuse to do a little “window shopping” online HA! So grab your hot cocoa and join me would ya?


1. Longline Tweed Coat $44.90 | 2. Lace Fit & Flare Dress $27.90 | 3. Double-Breasted Parka $47.80 |     4. Wool Panama Hat $14.80 | 5. Daria 3/4 slv smock dress $10.00 | 6. Cable Knit Knee-High Socks $5.80  | 7. Espy Legging $19.95 | 8. Ferguson graphic crew sweat. $20.00 | 9. Hot chocolate $2.29 | 10. Monogram Mug $8.00

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Daily Inspiration – Fall Wish List!

Happy November everyone! Crazy how the end of the year is just flying by. I can already taste the turkey and mashed potatoes! Can you? The weather is slowly changing here in lalaland. I’m loving the cold nights, always makes me want to bake more. I’m so ready for the holidays in general. Definitely looking forward to a nice little break and family time. Take a look at this Fall wish list I put together. Remember, any holiday is the perfect excuse to get a new dress or an entire outfit, am I right ladies? HA! What’s on your Fall wish list?


1. Boho Babe Babydoll Dress  $22.80 | 2. Street-Chic Skinny Jeans $7.80 | 3. Color-blocked dress $24.80 | 4. Biker-Chic cutout booties $42.80 | 5. Spooner $10.00 | 6. Acme Packers Knit Hat $22.95 | 7. Stamps $1.95 | 8. Ernie Cheese Cutter $6.95

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Daily Inspiration – Active Wear!

I’ve been a bit more active lately, simply trying to stay moving and off-the-couch. I’m in no way a hard-core gym chick but I do enjoy hiking and running. I guess I’m more of a free bird. Here are some things that will make working out a bit more sweeter. Because we all know if we are wearing the right outfit we will work out harder right? Ok, not really I just made that up.


1. Workout Tank $8.80 | 2. Yoga Shorts $6.80 | 3. Ombré Sport Bra $10.80 | 4. H&M Sport Bra $14.95 | 5. Ankle Socks Pack $9.95 | 6. Zip Through Sweat $5.00 | 7. Women’s c9 by Champion $29.99 | 8. Champion Running Shorts $18.99 | 9. Contrast Skinny Yoga Capris $9.80 |

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Daily Inspiration – Wish List {Target}

With Xmas around the corner, I love putting together some wish lists. Did you see this one? Or Fall’s or the one from Thanksgiving? I guess this could be the winter version… with a little extra for the men in my life. I helped two of my friends find gifts for their loves yesterday, this guide might help you today. Even though some items are obviously out of our budget it’s still fun to wish for them. Dreaming is free right? Side note, all these items are from Target. They do have some lovely things.


1. Mossimo Solid Satchel – Green $18.74 | 2. America Cutting Board $15.00 | 3. Kitchen Aid Mixer – Iced Blue $279.99 | 4. Tiered Pedestal Serving Plates $20.79 | 5. Moonrise Kingdom Blu-ray $24.99 | 6. NFL Hoodie $28.49 | 7. Ceramic Plane $7.99 | 8. Plush Dog Toy |

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Daily Inspiration – Wish List!

I was doing some online “window” shopping the other night at Urban Outfitters. Somehow there is always something that ends up on my wish list. Love that place! On a side note, their graphic design is simply the best.

1. Owl Trinket dish  $6.00 | 2. Lattice Back dress $29.99 | 3. Laboratory Flower Vases $24.00 | 4. Sunshine Bird Votive Candle Holder $14.00 | 5. Deena & Ozzy Pointy Ankle Stap Skimmer $ 14.99 |

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The Inspiration Nook Style – New Year’s Eve Wish List

New Years is almost here. Can you believe it? Where did 2011 go? We are still on a Christmas high in our apartment enjoying cookies, egg nog and spending time with my little brother. With that said, New Years is another day where it’s a great excuse to look great, get a new dress and welcome the new year with a brand new look! Getting dressed up even for a dinner at home makes the night more special. So go to your closet, or your favorite store, and just pick out something awesome to welcome 2012 big!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And just keep in mind that next year will be the best year of your life!

New Year's must haves.

1. Knit Cap Slv Dress $19.80

2. Classic Suit Jacket $53.90

3. Black and Gold New Years Tiara $1.99

4. Black and Silver New Years Top Hat $1.99

5. Women’s Merona® Murali Heeled Shooties – Black $21.24

6. Grid Pattern Trousers $23.62 & Classic Leatherette Shoes $29.90

7. Exquisite Flute $5.95

What’s on your wish list? What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Do you go all out or just enjoy a quiet night at home?

Hope you smile and have an awesome holiday weekend!


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Daily Inspiration – My Etsy’s Wish List!

I’ve been doing a lot of “window shopping” lately… online! It’s amazing how much awesome stuff you can find. I’m already brainstorming Christmas gifts ideas. While doing that… my wish list got bigger! HAHA Check out some of my favorite picks from Etsy… as of today! :)

In love with his necklace!

Chevron pillows, yes please!

For our little one!

Too cool!

I know you've seen this one before, It's just too cute!

Love this cake stand!

What do you think? Do you like them? What’s on your wish list? Have you been doing “window shopping” online too?

Hope you smile!

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Daily Inspiration – Kitchen Wish List!

I’ve been dreaming about new kitchen supplies lately. Since I’ve been cooking a lot more (as seen here, here and here) I think it’s time to get some big girl kitchen stuff.. Or I should just say grown up stuff that I know I’ll give good use to! Take a look at at my kitchen wish list…

My wish list

 1. Kitchen Aid $189

2. Professional Food and Beverage Blender – Retro Green $102.89

3. Round Kitchen Clock $32.99

4. T-fal Stainless Steel Cook Set – 10 Pc $89.99

5. Vintage Retro Yellow Glass Mixing Bowl $14.00

Do you have a kitchen wish list too? Do you usually make your own wish list?

Hope you get inspired!

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