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Daily Inspiration – Typewriters

Typewriters for me will always have a special meaning. Growing up, every time I would go visit my grandparents down the street, one of my favorite things to do was to go in my grandpa’s home library and play on his typewriter; or simply walk through the library listening to him type away… on one of his many typewriters.

My grandpa's home library :)

One of my grandpa's typewriters!

The sound of a typewriter for me means freedom and creativity, it has always inspired me. I guess it brings me back to admiring him while at work.

So pretty...

My grandpa was and always will be a true inspiration for me. He was a poet, historian, professor and a writer, he was simply the best grandpa. I really wish I could have one of his typewriters in our apartment. Maybe one day I’ll convince my grandma or my dad to let me have one… I would treat it like a treasure.

Picture by Le Portillon

Here are some pictures that made me smile, hope they make you smile too.

Awesome print

If I ever get one, I'll take a picture like this!

Cute idea!

This was one of my grandpa's many special writing nooks.

Do you admire typewriters too? Aren’t they a little magical? Have you ever used one?

Hope you get inspired!

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One Response to “Daily Inspiration – Typewriters”

  1. luzma says:

    Beautiful pictures and great moments that reminded of your grandpa too. I know you’ve always been inspired by him. Love you

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