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Daily Inspiration – Wisconsaholic!

My friend Becky Zaccard who is a “Wisconsaholic” asked me to take some pictures for her awesome funny vlog. Whenever I photograph my friends I get super excited (as seen here & here). It’s always a blast! The theme of her shoot was Football, more specific, the awesome Green Bay Packers. How can I say no to that? If you are into sports at all, take a look right here. Believe me you won’t regret it. I must confess, I’m a Wisconsaholic myself. HA!

Follow Wisconsaholic on Twitter & Facebook and/or subscribe to her Youtube channel so you can get her weekly videos the second they come out!
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Daily Inspiration – Football Faves!

With football season in full swing and the real refs finally back, I had to get a little list of Football faves for you. From the cutest baby onesie (that will fit this baby perfectly) to the coolest wine stopper!


1. Vintage ring $10.00 | 2. Green Bay Packers Potholders $7.00 | 3. Vintage Gameday Tee $32.00 | 4. Touchdown onesie $18.00 | 5. Football Wine Stopper $13.00 |

Other football posts can be found here, here, plus the best dip to the watch game right here.

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Daily Inspiration – Vintage Football!

Today is the birthday of my favorite person in the whole wide world. In his honor, I decided to make it a vintage football inspirational day! Here are some things that made me smile and love him and football even more.

Love this!

Pretty awesome.

Cute print!

Super cute.

This I want!


I want to bid on this!

This, we should frame!

Who knew vintage football stuff would be so cool?! Are you into Football too? What sport do you follow?

Hope you smiled too!

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Inspiration Nook Cravings – Football!!!

You might be asking yourself why are we craving football? Well, besides being super excited about the first game of the season, I’m excited to make some football inspired meals. With that said, take a look at these pictures and check out their recipes! I’ll be using them as inspiration when it’s time to host a nice football party this season. So,¬†are you ready for some football?


Football Cupcake of course!


Football party

Too cute.


Love these!

(If you click on the pictures it will take you to their recipes and original link)

Are you excited about Football season? Do you like making football themed dishes too?

Hope you get inspired!

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Daily Inspiration – Football!

With the NFL lock out coming to an end soon all I can think about is football! Football season is crazy at our house and I love it. Who doesn’t love to hangout with friends, enjoy a cool drink and cheer for your favorite team…every weekend! I know I do! No matter what your team is, football is always fun to watch. Here are some cool football related things that can help you start the season early.

Are you ready for some football?

1. Protoast $24.99

2. Touchdown Snack Bowl $19.99

3. 8-Piece Barbecue Set $62.99

4. Dog Jersey $29.95

5. Football Cake Pan $14.99

6. Superbowl Champions Long Sleeve $25.95

Obviously I’m a Green Bay Packer fan (have been for years) but most of these items pictured above are also available for your favorite team!

Do you like football too? What’s your favorite team or player?

Hope you get inspired!

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