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Daily Inspiration – The End of October…

This year has gone by too fast. Where did October go? Next thing you know we will be eating some turkey, opening Christmas presents and getting ready for Spring. HA

Hope today you eat enough candy for a sugar rush. If you don’t, just head over to the store tomorrow, all of it will be on sale. HAHA

P.S East coast stay strong! You can donate and help those affected by Hurricane Sandy right here

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Daily Inspiration – Pumpkins!

With Halloween around the corner they’re a pumpkins everywhere you go! We have yet to carve ours (I know we are super late) so I’ve been brainstorming ideas. Not sure if we will paint, decorate or carve them this year. All I know is that it will be pretty fun! I have so many ideas in my head, take a look!

Too cute.

Too funny.


No carving means no mess!

My favorite ones!

Well, I’ll let you know which ones we pick! Have you carved yours yet?

Hope you get inspired!

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Inspiration Nook Cravings – Twix!

Twix has always been my favorite candy bar. With Halloween around the corner I’m going to attempt to create my own for the very first time. I’ve never done it but I’m up for the challenge! Maybe this could be my “Pinterest challenge”. I mean, look at this picture! It makes me want to go make them!


If it doesnt work out, I might just do this cookies instead… Anyhow, I’ll let you know the result of my Twix adventures next week.

Twix Cookies!

(If you click on the pictures it will take you to their recipes!)

They will still be a challenge for me! Baking…I’m still workign on it!

What about you? What’s your favorite candy?¬†Any baking for Halloween night?

Hope I made you smile!

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