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Daily Inspiration – Penguins Ornaments DIY

Are you fully recovered from your Thanksgiving food coma? I finally am. I was looking forward to “black Friday”, not only for the leftovers but for our traditional putting up of our Christmas tree HA! Last year I created these cute little guys, I wanted to make some new ones for this year. I guess I’ve been making ornaments every year so I had to continue the tradition. Not sure how I ended up on a penguin, but I do love it. To make them, I simply played around with different shapes of felt and fabric. I sewed them by hand and stuffed them with some cotton balls. I used some yarn for the string and a hot glue gun for their little eyes. Pretty simple. Are you making ornaments this year too? Please do tell! Merry Christmas!




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Daily Inspiration – Owl Ornaments DIY

Last week, after making lovely snow globes and putting up our Christmas tree, I decided to make some cute ornaments. Only problem, I couldn’t find this little bag of felt I had. I gave up after 30 minutes. Then, on Tuesday I saw this cute DIY by Mayi Carles and almost died of cuteness. I also ran into this cute guy from Urban Owls‘s Etsy shop… it was on! After some deep searching, I found the felt I looked for all weekend. Luckily, I had the colors I wanted, fabric from my etsy necklaces, and the rest is history. If you are anything like me, you probably have all the materials at home. I even used cotton balls as my stuffing. HAHA I started playing around with colors and shapes and ended with a baby owl. I wanted more. In the end, I made one for each member of our little family. I’m in love.

All you need is felt, fabric scraps, cotton balls (which I forgot to photograph), hot glue gun (for the eyes), yarn for the string, needle and thread. Now the fun begins.

Play around with shapes and colors as you please. The choices are infinite. I can’t wait to create other animals & send some out as gifts (spoiler alert, again).



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